CrazyBulk Supplements

CrazyBulk is a trade name of pharmaceutical anabolic steroids. The products offered are in tablet form for added convenience, ousting the need to inject them. These supplements are made from healthy, natural ingredients and produce lightning fast results with absolutely no side effects. The line currently consists of nine legal products bring about an increase in protein in skeletal muscles, building muscle.

The products are often categorized into ‘stacks’ based on their specific function. The Bulking Stack plays a vital role in increasing strength and muscle mass and consists of three products namely D-Bal (Dianabol), TBal75 (Trenbolone) and Decaduro.


D-Bal improves muscle health, strength and improves muscle gains. It works by increasing the muscles’ nitrogen retention leading to an increase in muscular protein synthesis and growth. Added benefits of D-Bal include increased drive, focus and stamina.

Like D-Bal, TBal75 increases muscle mass and strength. It works by not only increasing nitrogen retention but also increasing red blood cell production and increasing the rate at which the body burns fat. It allows the burning of fat without losing body mass. This results in more intense muscle definition and an increase in power, physical conditioning and endurance.

Decaduro yields results similar to TBal75 such immeasurable endurance, strength and muscular gain. Its effects also include relief from joint pain and fast recovery times. Increased collagen synthesis alleviates joint pain associated with exercising repeatedly.

Testosterone Max can be used in conjunction with the abovementioned supplements which make up the Bulking Stack to take muscle building to the next level. As the name suggests, Testosterone Max increases testosterone levels sky high. This is the key to achieving maximum results such as increased strength and muscle gains, improved performance and energy. Testosterone Max can also be used with the Cutting Stack.

The Cutting Stack consists of Winidrol (Winstrol), Anvarol (Anavar) and Clenbutrol. Winidrol is top notch when it comes to shredding body fat. Added effects of Winidrol include enhanced vascularity, improved agility and power and super defined muscles.

Anvarol promotes fat burning while retaining muscle mass. It works by stimulating the synthesis of phosphocreatine within muscles, yielding increased strength and energy.

Clenbutrol also plays a role in shredding body fat but it has the added ability to improve the health and performance of the cardiovascular system. It promotes increased transportation of oxygen around the body to boost physical performance.

HGH-X2 Somatroppine is the product for increasing lean muscle. It works by increasing the body’s own natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels, tactically increasing protein synthesis and fat burning capabilities. The use of Somatroppine also helps in achieving incredible recovery times.


CrazyBulk offers yet another amazing product to counter Gynaecomastia, the development of male breasts. Gynectrol contains an array of healthy, natural ingredients which attack the fatty tissue within the breasts to build rock hard, chiseled pectorals.

CrazyBulk supplements are generally ingested by taking one tablet two or three times daily. For even more extreme results, it is advisable to take the supplements consistently for at least two months. These products are approved by the FDA and will not cause any side effects. Try CrazyBulk today and experience the ultimate physical transformation.